Tuesday, 13 April 2010

Wearing Fur

Is wearing fur bad? What is fur? Fur is one of the oldest form of clothing. Well fur is leather with hair retained for its insulation properties. Animal fur is uesd in garments and trim. Fur can be dyed in to bright colours or to mimic exotic and animal patterns. The most common animal used is fox, rabbit, mink, seals, cats and even dogs. However seal products were banned in U.S in 1972 over concerns about Canadian seals. Also cats and dogs were banned under protection act in 2000. I think this is fair to both the animals. I think every animal should be under this act as its not fair on them to be killed for their fur.

Many people believe that fur is wrong and not fair but why do people wear fur? Fur will keep you warm in the winter, fur lasts forever, many people believe that by buying fur you are supporting thousands of people living on the land and that fur can be worn on all occasions.

Why people will not wear fur: some believe that if you wear fur, you are supporting a horrible and gruson industry, letting the animals live in poor condition, fur farming are often of a very poor quality and that some of the fur is from animals catch in a trap.

I'm not sure what I think of people wearing fur. I can see why people have a problem with it. But if the animals are already dead, why can't their fur be used. Also I think it can be nasty on the animals, if they are still alive and they can feel it. Why do people not think of the animals. In the UK, if an animal gets hurt companies like the RSPCA will stop it and I think why are they not doing this for people who kill for fur. The way the animals are kept on the farm it really horrible. Many people protest about the way the animals are kept and people wearing fur. I remember people throwing red paint on people wearing fur.

Their is a chairy that works to stop the animals getting hurt and to make sure that the animals have some kind of rights in the way there are treated. The PETA work with celebrities and others to help protect the animals. I think these chairties are really good and do help the animals. But I think there should be more done to help these animals.


  1. I agree with Emma to a certain extent, However, where she implies ‘if they are already dead-its basically okay’ I do not agree with this because I if someone wanted to rip your skin off if you had passed away it would be morally and ethically wrong wouldn’t it? So I do not see why it should be different for animals compared to us. I agree with Emma where she states killing and wearing is nasty to animals- I believe this full stop. As well, as these points I agree with Emma when she states that charities work with celebrates is a good thing- to me it is a positive thing because it is getting different peoples point across, while also helping animals who are in danger of being killed for fur.

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